Speakmon Memorial Regatta This Saturday

Hi Rats!!

This coming weekend is the Speakmon Memorial Regatta in Columbus.  This is a great venue for racing and we will see lots of very strong competition this weekend.

There is a bus to this race, it is a little painful though, so brace yourselves.  Every rower needs to be at the Athletic Department at Huron by 3:15am on Saturday.  The bus will leave at 3:30am with or without you on it!  This hurts for everyone, but has been particularly tricky for a few in the past.  If you know you are the kind to set off the alarm when it goes off early, set up three and set them far away!!

The trip on the bus will be about 3 1/2 hours, so the rowers will go back to sleep as soon as the bus pulls out.  Wear comfy clothes and bring a pillow if you want.  Please continue to check the weather, but right now, it looks like it will be a beautiful day, but it will be chilly in the morning, so bring lots of layers and, as always, bring extra warm dry clothes in case you get wet.  Wear shoes that will allow you to rig and de-rig boats and bring a full water bottle with you on the bus!!

Rigging will start immediately after arriving in Columbus.  Rowers, please be helpful on the dock and with regatta support when you are not racing.  Parents, please remind your children about the importance of being helpful at the events.  The team is getting very large which means there are a lot of boats and a lot of food to prepare.  This can only be done effectively with help!!  I can tell you from years of doing regatta support – and I’m sure many of you parents know from doing it yourself – there are very few harder ways to spend a day.  Having the rowers help out with tent set-up and tear down makes a huge difference.  And a dozen people can no longer take care of all our boats, so we need all hands on deck at these regattas!

After racing, we will try to de-rig as quickly as possible and get going back to Ann Arbor.  As we are unlikely to arrive back in Ann Arbor before 8 p.m., the buses usually stop at a fast food place on the way home from this regatta.  Each rower will need to bring money for this stop!!  This is not an expense covered by the team.

When the bus leaves dinner, they will send out an email stating their expected arrival.  Another email will go out about 30 minutes out.  Parents, please pick up your rowers at huron ON TIME!!!  After this 16 hour plus day, the last thing on earth our exhausted regatta support people want to do is wait for a tardy parent!!  The rowers will be asked to text you as well, so please pay attention to the pick up time as it will depend on weather, finishes, de-rig and eating time.

If you plan to drive down and join the team for lunch ($5 per person), please email Monica at mnctcch@yahoo.com no later than Thursday so RS prepares enough food.


Deneen Wellik
(Corey’s mom, HRA co-VP)

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